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DIXml is the Delphi port of libxml and libxslt, with XML parsing, DOM, and XSLTtransformation.


  • XML and HTML reading and writing, pull and push parser modes.
  • XML and HTML document tree creation, traversal, load, and save.
  • SAX and extended reader interfaces.
  • DTD and schema validation.
  • Encoding support for UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-family, ASCII (all native).
  • XPATH processing.
  • NameSpace support.
  • XSLT transformation and processing.
  • File, memory, and customized input / output.
  • Low memory usage, outstanding performance.

Website: http://www.yunqa.de/

  Password : exirbox.com

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Note: Due to the company's application download links are currently disabled, if you need to addressexirbox@gmail.com email to send you the link, be sure to mention our focus is always to provide the original program

DIXml.v.5.12.0.D6-XE10.2.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 29.4 MB 

DIXml.v.5.11.0.D6-XE10.2.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 29.1 MB

DIXml.v.5.10.0.D6-XE10.1.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 24.2 MB

DIXml.v.5.9.0.D6-XE10.1.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 24.2 MB

DIXml.v.5.8.0.D6-XE10.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 22.5 MB

DIXml.v.5.7.2.D6-XE10.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 22.5 MB

DIXml.v.5.7.0.D7-XE7.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 16.8 MB

DIXml.v.5.5.0.D7-XE6.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 15.8 MB

DIXml.v.5.5.0.D6-XE6.Src.Exirbox.rar - 13.7 MB

DIXml.v.5.0.1.D7-XE5.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 14.1 MB

DIXml.v.5.0.0.D7-XE5.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 13.6 MB

DIXml.v.4.0.0.D6-XE3.Src.Exirbox.rar - 8.9 MB

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