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Leverage always-on access to Google Apps and Cloud services. Google Integrator provides easy-to-use components for accessing Google Services including Google Storage, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail Contacts, and more!


The Google Integrator makes it easy to access Google Apps and Services from any supported platform or development technology. The easy-to-use components can be used to connect applications to Google cloud storage, and to easily integrate connectivity with popular Google Apps like Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail Contacts.


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Google.Integrator.v.16.0.6446.D6-XE10.2.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 22.6 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.6160.D6-XE10.1.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 18.0 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5962.D6-XE10.1.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 18.0 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5849.D6-XE10.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 16.1 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5724.D6-XE10.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 16.5 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5632.D6-XE8.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 14.0 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5414.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 24.6 MB

 Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5329.D6-XE6.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 26.8 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5259.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 23.5 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5157.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 18.7 MB

Google.Integrator.v.2.0.5050.XE-XE5.Src.Exirbox.rar - 25.0 MB

Google.Integrator.v.1.0.4865.D2010-XE4.Src.Exirbox.rar - 10.8 MB

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