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Easy-to-use components for standard Windows Azure structures such as Table, Queue, and Blob, which enable developers to rapidly add cloud based data storage, queue management, table configuration, and more to any application.


The Azure Integrator includes straightforward and easy-to-use components for integration with Windows Azure Services, including: Table, Queue, and Blob. These components allow you to quickly and easily add data storage, queue management, table operations, and more through straightforward component interfaces that natively integrate with your development platform of choice.


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Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.6160.D6-XE10.1.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 5.2 MB  

 Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5962.D6-XE10.1.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 5.2 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5849.D6-XE10.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 4.7 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5724.D6-XE10.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 4.6 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5632.D6-XE8.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 4.4 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.3.0.4865.D2010-XE4.Src.Exirbox.rar - 9.7 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5414.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 11.3 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5329.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 12.0 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5259.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 10.2 MB

Azure.Integrator.v.2.0.5157.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 8.5 MB  

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