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DISQLite3 implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero - configuration SQL database engine for Delphi (Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland)

Features include:
  • ACID transactions, even after system crashes and power failures.
  • Zero-configuration – no setup or administration needed.
  • Implements most of SQL-92.
  • A complete database is stored in a single disk file.
  • Supports terabyte-sized databases and gigabyte-sized strings and blobs. Self-contained: no external dependencies, no DLLs.
  • Small footprint and smart linking: Only required code is compiled in, adding as little as 300 KB code space only.
  • Full Text Search (FTS) with customizable tokenizer, prefix matching, and optional word stemming for 15 languages.
  • Database AES encryption with SHA256 key generator.
  • Db.pas is not required, which allows DISQLite3 to compile with all flavours of Delphi, including Delphi Standard and Delphi Personal.
  • Faster than popular database engines for most common operations.
  • Simple, easy to use API.
  • Database files created with DISQLite3 can also be accessed by Linux and MacOS using the SQLite3 libraries.

Website: http://www.yunqa.de/

  Password : exirbox.com

توجه: با توجه به درخواست شرکت مربوطه لینکهای دانلود در حال حاضر غیر فعال است، در صورت نیاز به آدرسexirbox@gmail.com ایمیل ارسال کنید تا لینک برایتان ارسال گردد، لازم به ذکر است تاکید ما همیشه به تهیه نسخه اصلی برنامه است

Note: Due to the company's application download links are currently disabled, if you need to addressexirbox@gmail.com email to send you the link, be sure to mention our focus is always to provide the original program

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.19.0.D4-XE10.2.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 42.7 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.18.1.D4-XE10.1.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 41.2 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.16.1.D4-XE10.1.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 36.2 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.16.0.D4-XE10.1.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 39.3 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.14.0.D4-XE10.1.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 35.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.13.0.D4-XE10.1.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 38.5 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.12.0.D4-XE10.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 35.3 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.11.0.D4-XE10.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 33.4 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.10.0.D4-XE10.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 32.6 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.8.4.D4-XE10.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 31.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.8.4.D4-XE10.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 31.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.8.3.D4-XE10.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 31.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.8.2.D4-XE10.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 31.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.7.4.D4-XE7.Src.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 22.3 MB 

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.7.3.D7-XE7.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 20.3 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.Personal.v.5.6.0.D4-XE7.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 5.8 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.5.1.D7-XE6.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 18.6 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.5.0.D7-XE6.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 18.5 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.5.0.D4-XE6.Src.x32-x64.Exirbox.rar - 19.3 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.0.7.D7-XE5.x32-x64.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 16.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.0.6.D7-XE5.x32-x64.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 16.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.0.6.D4-XE5.Src.Exirbox.rar - 7.3 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.0.5.D7-XE5.x32-x64.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 16.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.0.4.D7-XE5.x32-x64.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 16.9 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.5.0.2.D7-XE5.Stp.Crk.Exirbox.rar - 16.6 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.3.0.0.Stp.Exirbox.rar - 4.2 MB

DISQLite3.Pro.v.2.4.5.D6-XE.Src.Exirbox.rar - 5.8 MB

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