Virtual Treeview

Virtual Treeview
Treeview control for Delphi

Virtual Treeview is a treeview control built from the ground up. More than a decade of development have created one of the most flexible and advanced Delphi tree controlsavailable today. Virtual Treeview started off with the claim to improve many aspects of existing solutions and introduced several groundbreaking technologies and principles.

As the name indicates, the control uses a different paradigm for tree management than other controls of this kind. It does not read the data it manages (except its size), not even the captions of a node. Everything is retrieved from the application via events (or descendants via overridden methods).

Virtual Treeview has been carefully designed and is tested thoroughly. The control has proven its concept as well as its great usability in many commercial products and freeware projects.

Although JAM Software has taken Virtual TreeView under its wing, the control remains open source. Developers are welcome to participate!


Virtual Treeview is using a double licensing scheme. You can either choose Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) or GNU Lesser General Public License.

Public source code repository and issue tracker

Virtual Treeview is hosted on Google Code, which uses Subversion as SCM. You will find the latest code there. Please report issues on the Google Code page.



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VirtualTreeView.v.6.3.0.XE3-XE10.1.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.3 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.6.2.0.XE3-XE10.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.2 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.6.1.0.XE3-XE8.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.2 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.6.0.0.XE3-XE8.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.2 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.5.5.3.XE10.Src.Exirbox.rar - 4.3 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.5.5.3.D7-XE7.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.1 MB

VirtualTreeview.v.5.3.0.D7-XE5.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.1 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.5.2.2.D7-XE5.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.1 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.5.2.1.D7-XE4.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.1 MB

VirtualTreeView.v.5.1.3.D7-XE4.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.1 MB

VirtualTreeview.v.5.1.2.D7-XE3.Src.Exirbox.rar - 3.7 MB

VirtualTreeview.v.5.0.0.D7-XE.Src.Exirbox.rar - 1.3 MB

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