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VCL Component with extensive configurability for integrating Google Maps in Delphi & C++Builder

The TMS TWebGMaps is a component that allows integration of the Google Maps road map control.

The TWebGMaps component renders maps of different types: default roadmap view, satellite view, hybrid view (a mix of satellite view with roadmap information), and terrain (topographic style map). TWebGMaps offers pan, zoom and scale control.

In this document you will find an overview of the TWebGMaps component and its features, code snippets to quickly start using the component and overviews of properties, methods and events.



 only available for Delphi XE / C++Builder XE or newer versions


  Password :



TMS.VCL.WebGMaps.v. - 78.1 MB

TMS.VCL.WebGMaps.v. - 78.1 MB

TMS.VCL.WebGMaps.v. - 79.6 MB

TMS.VCL.WebGMaps.v. - 79.3 MB

TMS.VCL.WebGMaps.v. - 79.0 MB

TMS.VCL.WebGMaps.v. - 111.3 MB

TMS.WebGMaps.v. - 20.3 MB

TMS.WebGMaps.v. - 14.3 MB

TMS.WebGMaps.v. - 12.6 MB

TMS.WebGMaps.v. - 3.2 MB

TMS.WebGMaps.v. - 5.1 MB

TMS.WebGMaps.v. - 4.3 MB

TMS.WebGMaps.v. - 2.3 MB



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