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Halcyon Version 6  

Halcyon  6 is an  xBase database engine written in Object Pascal for Delphi. It  allows the programmer to update DBF files using dBase, Clipper,  or FoxPro index (CDX, MDX, NDX, NTX) and memo (DBT and FPT)  formats.


  • No external  library required. All functionality is embedded within the  executable. (No deployment/installation issues)
  • The dataset component is descended from  TDataset, and is compatible with all Delphi data-aware components.
  • Create indexes in memory for fast search.
  • Small footprint; less than 500K added to the  size of the program.
  • Simple user interface to read and write  xBase files in a network environment.
  • Create, read and update multiple  .CDX/.MDX/.NDX/.NTX index files.
  • Reading and update .DBT/FPT memo file  entries.
  • Create new dBase III/IV and FoxPro files,  including memo and index files.
  • Do all of the above using native Pascal--No  .DLL, .ASM or .OBJ files are used.

Halcyon 6 Components:

  • THalcyonDataset -  Descended from TDataset, this is the non-visual dataset component  for Halcyon. Behavior is similar to TTable, but does not require the  BDE.

  • TCreateHalcyonDataset -  Component to simplify creation of new tables.

  • THalcyonNavigator -  Similar to TDBNavigator, but with better graphics for the buttons.

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