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Video conference demo

What is RVMedia

RVMedia is  a set of Delphi VCL and Lazarus LCL components having the following  functions:

  • receiving video from different sources: local web  cameras, IP cameras, network video streams, computer desktop,  local and remote video files;
  • configuring  IP cameras and controlling their rotation;
  • reading  sound from a microphone;
  • sending and  receiving video and audio data via the Internet;
  • organizing  video chats and video conferences (either as directly connected  applications or using a client-server model).

RVMedia can  use GStreamer and FFmpeg libraries  to show video streams in advanced formats, such as H.264.
Note: RVMedia does not include neither a source code nor an object  code of these libraries. Copyright to GStreamer and FFmpeg belongs  to the respective owners. RVMedia uses them under GNU LGPL license  v2.1.

A Free Pascal (Lazarus) version of RVMedia supports  the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux

RVMedia مجموعه ای از کامپوننتهای VCL و LCL برای دلفی و لازاروس است که قابلیتهای مختلفی در زمینه پردازش ویدیو در اختیار برنامه نویسان قرار میدهد. در RVMedia، استفاده از کتابخانه های GStreamer و FFmpeg برای نمایش ویدیو در فرمتهای پیشرفته ای مانند H.264 امکان پذیر است. البته توجه داشته باشید که این مجموعه شامل سورس کد این دو کتابخانه نیست چرا که کپی رایت این دو کتابخانه در انحصار صاحبان آنهاست و در RVMedia تنها از قابلیتهای آن استفاده میشود. این مجموعه شامل کامپوننتهای مختلفی به شرح ذیل است:

  • TRVCamera دریافت ویدیو از منابع مختلفی مانند وبکم، دوربینهای مدار بسته، فایلهای ویدیویی و …
  • TRVCamControl کامپوننتی ویژوال برای کنترل حرکات دوربین
  • TRVCamView کامپوننتی ویژوال برای نمایش ویدیو از TRVCamera یا TRVCamReceiver
  • TRVCamMultiView نمایش ویدیو از چندین منبع مختلف
  • TRVMicrophone خواندن و ضبط صدا از میکروفون
  • TRVMicrophoneView نمایش ویژوال فعالیتهای میکروفون
  • TRVCamSender ارسال ویدیو تحت شبکه
  • TRVCamReceiver دریافت ویدیو ها از شبکه
  • TRVMediaServer ارسال داده ها (ویدیو، صدا، دستورات، و فایلها) از چندین منبع به چندین رسیور تحت شبکه
  • TRVTrafficMeter نمایش چارتهای ترافیکی و آماری

امکانات و ویژگی های RVMedia:

  •  دریافت ویدیو از چندین منبع مختلف مانند وبکم محلی، دوربینهای مدار بسته، جریان های ویدیویی تحت شبکه، فایلهای ویدیوی محلی و راه دور
  • پیکربندی دوربین های مدار بسته و کنترل چرخش آنها
  • خواندن و ضبط صدا از میکروفون
  • ارسال و دریافت ویدیو و صدا از طریق اینترنت
  • امکان چت ویدیویی و ویدیو کنفرانس (چه به صورت مستقیم و یا مدل کلاینت سروری)
  • و …

Website: http://www.trichview.com

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EMS Advanced Localizer

SQLManager.net logo EMS logo

EMS Advanced Localizer



Advanced Localizer™ is an indispensable component suite for Borland® Delphi® for adding multilingual support to your Delphi® applications. Using the powerful component editors of this suite you can easily and quickly localize the properties of components within each form, generate a language template file containing the current values of language-specific component properties, manage localization files, and specify which components and properties are to be localized. Applications that use Advanced Localizer™ can switch languages with one command at run-time, without reloading. Also, this suite provides the ability to write component descendants that can work with user-defined language files. 

Localizing project without writing a single line of code

Key Features

  • Quick localization of the  language-specific component properties within each form
  • Easy management of localization files
  • Switch languages during run-time with a single comand,  and without reloading
  • Ability to write component descendants that can work  with user-defined language files
  • High productivity even on slow computers
  • Detailed help system and a demo application for a  quicker mastering of the product
  • Powerful component and property editors that allow you  to localize your project without writing a single line  of code


Website: http://www.sqlmanager.net/

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EMS Advanced PDF Generator

SQLManager.net logo EMS logo

EMS Advanced PDF Generator



Advanced PDF Generator gives you an opportunity to create PDF documents with your applications written on Delphi or C++ Builder in the most simple and easiest way. There is no need to know PDF specification - you can generate PDF files without any knowledge of PDF format using our Advanced PDF Generator. It allows you to break tables into several parts automatically in order to fit the pages, supports embedded tables, gives you an opportunity to add JPG pictures and much more! 

Adding EMF or WMF files to PDF in vector format

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use component API gives  you the easiest way to create PDF documents
  • Automatic division of tables into several parts to fit the pages
  • Full support of embedded tables
  • Adding JPG, BMP pictures to PDF documents
  • Adding EMF or WMF files to PDF in vector format
  • Adding any other pictures that can be loaded in the TGraphic  component
  • Generating PDF documents with internal and external links
  • Unicode characters full support
  • Two encryption methods support - 40 bit and 128 bit
  • Defining the document properties: author, keywords, producer,  subject, title.


Website: http://www.sqlmanager.net/

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HierCube VCL

HierCube for VCL

Easy and time-proved VCL OLAP  components for creating OLAP applications in Delphi and C++  Builder.Works with a data source like a flat fact table that makes it  easier to configure cube structure. Supports composite (multilevel) and hierarchical dimensions.Full Uniode  support and advanced export abilities.

Main features:
  • 100% Unicode support.
  • Supports hierarchical dimensions described by "Parent-Child"  relations. Both "balanced" and "unbalanced" hierarchies are  supported. No restrictions for the amount of hierarchical levels.
  • Supports "snowflake" schema.
  • An  ability to edit fact table data directly in OLAP-view.
  • An  ability to show several summaries and several aggregate function at  the same time. To compare the values of neighbor cells or calculate  cumulative sums can be used sub-functions. See  the list of supported functions on the footnote.
  • Calculated dimensions and range-based dimensions. An ability to use  a summary as one of the cube dimensions.
  • Three types of calculated summaries:
    • Calculated from the fact table records
    • Calculated using user formulas
    • Calculated using user defined aggregate functions.
  • Supports dimension attributes. Any field from the dimension table  may be read from the fact table as a separate attribute of dimension  and used later to describe dimension members more fully.
  • Supports supersaturated cubes when one cube cell hold two or more  values from the fact table.
  • Using all MOLAP advantages with no problems, related with  calculating of "sparse" cubes ("database explosion" and "cube  sparsity"). HierCube works easy with hundreds of dimensions and, so  solves tasks beyond of the strength of most of industrial  OLAP-servers. There are no restrictions for the maximum cube  capacity.
  • High performance and very modest memory requirements: algorithms of  calculating "on the fly" allow to process the fact table holding a  million of records in a single second (excluding the time of data  fetching). See  benchmarks page for details.
  • Works with any successor of standard TDataSet component, no BDE  required. Works with unidirectional datasets (that "remember" only  current database record) and datasets that "do not know" the full  record count of an executed query.
  • Supports saving to and reading from any component derived from  TStream (including TFileStream). Allows to save the "history of  analysis" (in other word different slices of the same cube) and  switch between them later.
  • Allows to fetch new data from the fact table or full refresh without  closing the cube (at that the grid keeps the current slice).
  • Supports user groups, sorting, filtering by dimension members. Can  filter by any combination of dimension members in any dimension.
  • Allows to display the current slice as a diagram (any TChart  successor). Source code of the charting component are distributed  free.
  • Allows to copy the selected grid area into clipboard in different  formats.
  • Allows to export grid data to many formats: MS Excel (using OLE or  directly to XLS-file), HTML, PDF, WMF, RTF, TXT, BMP, XML for  Analysis, XML Spreadsheet, RaveReport, ReportBuilder, FastReport.  Also supports direct drawing on printer Canvas.
  • Easy localization. It is possible to localize the evaluation version  as well.
  • Supporting OS: Windows 2000 or above.

 Website:   http://www.radar-soft.com/

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Solar Calendar



Solar Calendar
Brought to you by:  (محمد خرسندی)


Solar Calendar is a package for Delphi developers and specially for  Persian developers. The package has got set of components for showing  and selecting Persian / Iranian / Solar / Shamsi / Jalali date in  Persian/Shamsi and Christian(gregorian) interface and many more  functions.


  • Support  Delphi 7, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2-XE10.2
  • Switch between Persian and  Christian(gregorian) interface and vice versa.
  • Dataset connection
  • Too many functions for working with  Date(IncYear, IncMonth, IncDay, DaysBetween, GotoMonth,  ConvertDate, ...)
  • Customizable Interface
  • Auto Check the date entered
  • Several events on Change layout, button  click,...

 ویژگی  های:

  • پشتیبانی از نسخه های D7-XE10.2
  • دکمه های ماه قبل/بعد اضافه شده است.
  • امکان تغییر ماه با استفاده از کلیدهای کنترل +  جهتی(چپ و راست)
  • امکان تغییر ماه با استفاده از کلیدهای Shift +  جهتی(چپ و راست)
  • اصلاح تابع IncMonth و DecMonth
  • اصلاح تابع IncDay و DecDay
  • رفع اشکال تابع YMDScript
  • رفع اشکال تابع GetToDay
  • عدم وابستگی به نوع و شکل فرمت تاریخ در ویندوز
  • حذف دکمه های کنار Editbox سال

 Website:  http://sourceforge.net

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Halcyon 6

Griffin Solutions, Inc.

Halcyon 6


Halcyon Version 6  

Halcyon  6 is an  xBase database engine written in Object Pascal for Delphi. It  allows the programmer to update DBF files using dBase, Clipper,  or FoxPro index (CDX, MDX, NDX, NTX) and memo (DBT and FPT)  formats.


  • No external  library required. All functionality is embedded within the  executable. (No deployment/installation issues)
  • The dataset component is descended from  TDataset, and is compatible with all Delphi data-aware components.
  • Create indexes in memory for fast search.
  • Small footprint; less than 500K added to the  size of the program.
  • Simple user interface to read and write  xBase files in a network environment.
  • Create, read and update multiple  .CDX/.MDX/.NDX/.NTX index files.
  • Reading and update .DBT/FPT memo file  entries.
  • Create new dBase III/IV and FoxPro files,  including memo and index files.
  • Do all of the above using native Pascal--No  .DLL, .ASM or .OBJ files are used.

Halcyon 6 Components:

  • THalcyonDataset -  Descended from TDataset, this is the non-visual dataset component  for Halcyon. Behavior is similar to TTable, but does not require the  BDE.

  • TCreateHalcyonDataset -  Component to simplify creation of new tables.

  • THalcyonNavigator -  Similar to TDBNavigator, but with better graphics for the buttons.

Delphi 4 Delphi 5 Delphi 6 Delphi 7 Delphi 2005 Delphi 2005 Delphi 2007 Delphi 2009 Delphi 2010

 Website:  http://www.griffinsolutions.com

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Home Page
CodeHealer is much more than just Metrics!
How does CodeHealer help me?
Which languages does it work with?
How can I find out more about CodeHealer?

CodeHealer is an efficient and powerful source code analysis and  verification tool that will help find and fix a significant number of  programming bugs, mistakes and inconsistencies in Delphi programs before they  are released. The information provided by CodeHealer will also help  developers understand and improve existing code that they have not  written. This is especially helpful for corporate developers who take  over management of legacy applications.

CodeHealer is easy to learn and use, and has been designed to provide  immediate benefits with a minimum of user effort and input. Its highly  interactive user interface not only shows where the problems lie, but  also makes suggestions as to how fix the problem and in many cases will  even make the changes for you if you so choose.

CodeHealer is fast, so it can be run as an integral part of the  development process, locating problems before they have had time to  settle in and become "features", and while the code is still fresh in  the developer's mind.

How does CodeHealer help me?
Software quality and reliability, whilst always having been important,  have been driven to the top of the requirements list in recent times by  the high profile software failures and breaches that we read about in  the national press on a weekly basis. Security vulnerabilities in  particular have become of paramount concern with the rapid increase in  the number of software hackers over the last few years.

The benefits of static code analysis in finding residual programming  errors, above and beyond the checks made by the compiler, are well  known.

Static analysis tools such as LINT and its derivatives have been  available for many years, and their findings well documented. CodeHealer  takes those tools a significant step forward, both in power and  usability.

CodeHealer can be used by developers at all levels of expertise, from  the youngest and freshest newcomer to the old curmudgeon with 50 years  of programming experience. Its benefits can be gained on both new and  existing programs and projects by helping developers understand the code  and offering suggestions for improving it.

Which languages does it work with? 
CodeHealer currently supports programs written in Embarcadero Delphi  (versions 5 through to XE7), and support for other languages such as C#,  C, C++ and Java will be available at a later date.

How can I find out more about CodeHealer? 
View some screen  shots of CodeHealer in  action.
View the CodeHealer Frequently  Asked Questions page.
View the CodeHealer interactive  tutorials (Flash movie).

 Website:  http://www.codehealer.com

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About GExperts

GExperts is a free set of tools built to increase the productivity of  Delphi and C++Builder programmers by adding several features to the  IDE.  GExperts is developed as Open Source software and we encourage  user contributions to the project

  • Code Snippet Librarian -  Keep track of your code snippets in tree based categories with full  syntax highlighting and search capabilities
  • Grep Search (and Replace)-  Search ANSI, UTF-8, and UTF-16 text files using flexible grep  regular expressions (including binary form files, open files, etc.
  • Quickly Open Files -  Open a file anywhere in your project, on your search path, or in an  unlimited length MRU in just a few keystrokes using incremental  search
  • Project Dependencies -  Track what source files require other files, including recursive  dependencies
  • Backup Your Projects -  Backup all files in your project or project group and any other  custom set of files to an optionally password protected and date  stamped .zip file
  • Fast Procedure List -  Search for and jump to the implementation of any procedure in the  current file with only a few keystrokes
  • Automatically Rename Components -  Define custom rename rules that automatically apply as you add  components to a form
  • Extensive Editor Experts -  Editor experts allow you to locate matching begin/end or parenthesis  pairs, sort lines of code, define custom keyboard macros with  parameters, quickly jump between identifier references, etc.
  • Favorite Files -  Keep a list of your favorite files, sorted by categories, so they  can be immediately opened

 Website:  http://www.gexperts.org

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 ImageKit.Com                     Image processing made easy!

by Newtone Corporation

The ResizeKit2 trial version contains  editions of the ResizeKit2 for all supported programming environments.  The ResizeKit2 retail versions are sold separately, requiring a separate  license for each programming environment.

Just place the ResizeKit on your form!

The ResizeKit is a form resizing component  that makes applications size and screen resolution independent in one  easy step. Simply attach the ResizeKit to your form and automatically  resize any or all controls and fonts without writing a single line of  code. By setting a few simple properties or by hooking into the  ExitResize event, you can easily customize the resizing process to work  with nearly all types of applications. The ResizeKit can even resize  most third party controls. Use the ResizeKit from the first day on new  programs and of course on established programs without changing the  program design or code. The ResizeKit license is royalty-free for  application development and royalty-free for runtime applications. 

Even some third party controls that do not  specify Left, Top, Height, or Width parameters or controls in which  these properties are insulated from size changes can be resized by the  ResizeKit. The cells in Grid or Spread applications are some examples of  this. In these cases, these controls or fonts can be easily resized by  specifying the dimensions of the control or font in the ExitResize  event. A simple sample program illustrating this code is included with  the ResizeKit.

Note:  There are third party controls are can not be resized using the  ResizeKit2. Please download and test the ResizeKit2 trial version which  is fully functional. If you have any questions, please let us know.

ResizeKit Main Features

  • Automatically resizes all controls and  fonts on the form.
  • Simply place the Resize  Control on the form. No need to redesign or add additional code.
  • Create applications  that are size and screen resolution independent.
  • Maximum and minimum  form height and width can be specified.
  • Initial location of the  form can be specified.
  • Controls and fonts can  also be excluded from resizing.
  • Runtime royalty-free  license. Distribute unlimited applications.
  • The ResizeKit  ActiveX component is based on ATL so it is fast and lightweight.
  • The ResizeKit VCL  component has unified .EXE so applications can be distributed in one  simple unit.
  • Resizes most third  party controls without the need for additional code.
  • Contains easy to use  properties and its ExitResize event allows you to customize the  resize process.
  • Useful sample programs  are included.

Resizekit کامپوننت تغییر اندازه فرم است که که باعث می شود اندازه برنامه و وضوح صفحه نمایش در یک مرحله آسان مستقل شود. به سادگی Resizekit را به فرم خود اضافه کنید و به صورت خودکار و بدون نوشتن یک خط کد اندازه همه کنترل و فونت ها را تغییر دهید. با تنظیم ساده چند خواص, شما به راحتی می توانید روند تغییر اندازه را با تقریبا تمامی برنامه ها سفارشی کنید. این کامپوننت می تواند اندازه کنترل شخص ثالث را تغییر دهد. از این کامپوننت در روز اول برنامه های جدید بدون تغییر در طراحی و کد برنامه استفاده کنید. حتی برخی از کنترل های شخص ثالث پارامتر یا کنترل های چپ, بالا, طول یا عرض که در آن این خواص از تغییر اندازه مجزا هستند, می توان با ResizeKit تغییر اندازه داد.

  • تغییر اندازه تمامی کنترل و فونت ها در فرم به صورت خودکار
  • قرار دادن ساده کنترل تغییر اندازه در فرم بدون نیاز به طراحی مجدد و یا اضافه کردن کد های اضافی
  • ایجاد برنامه که اندازه و وضوح صفحه نمایش مستقل است
  • مشخص کردن حداکثر و حداقل ارتفاع و عرض فرم
  • مشخص کردن محل اولیه فرم
  • همچنین کنترل و فونت می توانند از تغییر اندازه کنار گذاشته شوند.
  • مجوز رایگان در زمان اجرا. توزیع برنامه های نامحدود
  • کامپوننت ResizeKit ActiveX بر اساس ATL می باشد, بنابراین سبک و سریع است.
  • کامپوننت ResizeKit VCL با .EXE متحد هستند. هیچ برنامه ای نمی تواند در یک واحد ساده توزیع شود.
  • تغییر اندازه کنترل شخص ثالث بدون نیاز به کد اضافی
  • شامل خواص استفاده آسان, رویداد ExitResize به شما اجازه می دهد روند تغییر اندازه را سفارشی کنید
  • گنجانده شدن برنامه های نمونه مفید

 Website:  http://www.imagekit.com/

 Help :  http://www.imagekit.com/RS2Help/source/html/resizekit2.htm

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uniGUI framework  extends Web application development experience to a new dimension.  UniGUI enables developers to create, design and debug their Delphi projects  as a regular desktop application and then choose one of the available  options for deployment. Such as, Windows Service, standalone or ISAPI.


  • Based on industry standard Ext  JS cross-browser  JavaScript library.
  • Ext JS bindings  are created using ExtPascal library  wrappers. (ExtPascal self-translates Pascal objects  to Ext JS JavaScript  objects)
  • Creates stateful Web applications.
  • Complete IDE support  for creating projects, designing forms and handling data modules.
  • Delphi style  event handling.
  • Advanced client side event scripting
  • Automatic handling of Delphi data  modules per session.
  • Deployment options: ISAPI Web application, Standalone Web  application, Windows Service Web application.

 Website:  http://www.unigui.com/

 forums:  http://forums.unigui.com/

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