Office Assistant Package


Office Assistant Package

The Office Assistant package contains two components with the purpose of  adding animated characters and balloon shape dialogs similar to the  Microsoft® Office applications to programs written in Delphi.

The TAssistant component  one of the components in the Office Assistant package. This component is  non-visual and provides a stage (either floating or fixed) for the  loaded animated character (actor) into the component. In addition, this  component has some properties and methods for showing standard dialogs  (balloon shape) like message boxes, hints, tips, and search dialogs.

The main features of the TAssistant component are:

  • Ability to replace the active  actor dynamically.

  • Has integrated balloon tips for showing tip of  the day or any other tips.

  • Powered by a guide (search) balloon to accept the  users search requests and show the topics of the search result.

  • Has integrated balloon shape message box with  customizable icon.

  • Has both round and rectangular cloud balloons.

  • Can manipulate custom balloons.

  • Uses separated threads for handling the actor’s  states.

  • Can be moved (dragged) even when a modal  balloon/dialog is showing.

  • A specific queued or playing animation can be  stopped within the program.

  • Has three level of predefined idling animations.

  • Plays idle animations automatically. Idle times  can also be controlled manually.

  • Supports Middle Eastern languages and can be  customized easily for use in multi-lingual applications.

  • Powered by a large collection of events to give  complete control over the component operation.

  • The relative speed of animations can be  controlled within the component.

  • Can play actor’s animations in a 256-color screen  mode without loosing color quality.

  • Supports both Microsoft® Office 97 and 2000  balloons look.


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