2D Barcode FMX Components

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The 2D Barcode FMX components is a set of FireMonkey components  designed for generating and printing 2D barcode symbols in your  Delphi or C++ Builder applications. Developers use the  components set like any other FMX components. This effective and  powerful components set extends your applications with  2-dimensional barcode technology. It is written in 100% Delphi,  there isn't any dll file is required.

Please read the 2D  Barcode FMX Components User Manual   (Download  PDF file).

Ability to print barcode symbols to paper or draw barcode symbols to TCanvas object Most popular linear and postal barcode symbologies are supported Database functionality is supported All of 32- and 64-bit iOS, Android, Mac OS X, 32- and 64-bit Windows are supported Most popular report systems are supported

Ability to print barcode symbols to paper directly or draw barcode symbols to TCanvas object

Most popular matrix and stacked barcode symbologies are supported

LiveBindings and database functionality are supported

All of Mac OS X, 32- and 64-bit iOS, Android, 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms are supportedp

Ability to save barcode symbol in a variety of picture formats, or copy it to clipboard


Website: http://han-soft.com

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