i18n Package


i18n Package

The i18n package is a library of Delphi components, classes and  procedures in purpose of assisting developers to fully internationalize  Delphi applications in an easy manner, and to change the locale of the  applications on the fly.

There are many software tools for localizing a Delphi application, but  they mostly just provide support for translation of the user interface  strings. However, the i18n package not only enables developers to select  translatable properties and string constants/literals within the IDE but  also takes care of plural forms, reading layout, formatting preferences,  and calendar system of the target language.

You want your application be ready for right-to-left languages, but you  do not know which language is right-to-left and even how it works. Don’t  worry, the i18n package knows how to handle right-to-left languages.  When the application’s locale changes, and whenever needed, the i18n  package automatically mirrors the layout of the application’s forms  according to the reading layout of the selected language. You do not  need to write a single line of code or even modify it.

Delphi missed to support bi-directional layout for most common controls.  The i18n package workarounds this limitation and mirrors the layout of  page and tab controls, tree views, list views, header controls, and  status bars whenever it is needed.


Although the Gregorian calendar is most used  calendar in the world, but if your application only supports this  calendar, it cannot be truly localized for all countries/regions. The  i18n package knows which calendar system is used by which  country/region, and automatically displays and requests date-time values  in the appropriate calendar. You do not need to have knowledge about  different calendars, because your code still sees a standard TDateTime  value. The following major calendars are implemented in the i18n  package:

  • The Gregorian Calendar
  • The Hebrew or Jewish  Calendar (הלוח  העברי)
  • The Hijri or Islamic  Calendar (التقویم  الهجری)
  • The Jalali or Persian  Calendar (گاهشمار  جلالی)
  • The Japanese Emperor  Era Calendar
  • The Julian Calendar
  • The Korean Tangun Era  Calendar
  • The Taiwan calendar
  • The Thai Buddhist  Calendar

 Website:  http://www.delphiarea.com/

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